November 27, 2022


Mangrv, pronounced măn′grōv″ and a play off the word Mangrove

any of a genus (Rhizophora, especially R. mangle of the family Rhizophoraceae) of tropical maritime trees or shrubs that send out many prop roots and form dense masses important in coastal land building and as foundations of unique ecosystems

Living in South Florida, it’s easy to explore and find your way through the mangroves. I paddle board around Key Biscayne, Key West and other areas in South Florida and find that my experiences on the water and around the mangroves are not so different from my day to day life as a technology professional.

I would first experience unknowns, and when in the water, there could be multiple sources of danger that you need to be prepared for. I prepare myself with all of the tools and equipment to ensure a safe return, including an emergency plan. As I continue my paddle boarding journey, I discover and learn of new areas that make up the ecosystem. This process allows me to become more familiar with the environment to not only enjoy it, but to also help to maintain its natural beauty by causing as little disruptions as possible.

With over 20 years of Web Development experience in all fields, I can help you with your Web Development and Technology projects. The Software Development Lifecycle can be filled with unknowns, but it’s the journey that keeps us going.

I’m Jorge Iglesias, the owner of Mangrv. Thank you for spending the time to reading.